Here are some links to some sites that I find of great use in my quest for better Jewish cooking:

 Amen V Amen

A Jewish lifestyle blog delivering practical tips, guides & recipes for designing a meaningful life.

 At My Dish

 I have shared some of my Jewish/Passover recipes

Biblical Foods

 An excellent site for those wanting organic kosher meat.

Great Food

The largest Kosher food manufacturers including Blooms and Gilberts

The Jewish Chronicle

The Jewish Community online. The UK's oldest and most widely-read Jewish newspaper, covering news, sport, lifestyle and religious features of interest to Jews worldwide.

The Jewish Hour Radio Programme

Listen to my latest culinary slot.  Monday 7-8pm on Saltford City Radio.  94.4 FM

 Jewish News ON Line

Check out my fortnightly cookery column.

The Jewish Views Radio Programme

How to listen

Fri 12pm on iTunes as a podcast | Sun 12pm on 558AM | Sun 10pm on DAB | Online - or | TuneIn Radio

Listen to my latest culinary slot.

Just Kosher

A superb shop in Borehamwood and on line service for all kosher food

 JW3- The Jewish Community Centre
Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET


The latest update of Kosher food

Kosher Deli

 Making Kosher Affordable - Full range of beef, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey and ducks available pre packed or cut to your exact specification either in store or to order online.

A great list of kosher businesses - check out my weekly recipe

Magic Colours

Produced in Israel, Magic Colours are food colours suitable for use in baking, cookery, and cake decorating. Concentrated, so only a few drops are needed and colours stay bright even when baked at 180°C


Saltneys Salt Alternative is the first premium branded 100% natural salt alternative that is made with completely natural ingredients using our original secret recipe. In fact, it's 99.5% less sodium than regular salt and sea salt. It is virtually sodium free, high in natural potassium and has all the flavour of regular table salt and sea salt.


Non-Food - most definitely

Circumcision London

 If you are fortunate enough to be pregnant or organising a brit milah, then you will need a Mohel. Read about a good family friend who provides an excellent service both in the UK and abroad

Rimmon Judaica

Sells all types of Judaica merchandise

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