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For a real comprehensive “hands on” experience covering key techniques, skills and cookery styles, nothing can beat a Denise’s Kitchen Cookery School. Held on a regular basis in the comfort of my own home, and restricted to a maximum of 12 participants, they are sure to enhance your love of food and add to your cooking repertoire.

Learn to cook - The Stylish Way

My popular Cookery Demonstrations are the ideal, yet informal way of adding to your cookery skills. These comprehensive “hands-on” classes, presented in my trademark simple but stylish manner, will enhance your love of food and add to your cooking repertoire. Pick a theme and see the difference it will make. I teach confidence in the kitchen. If you have any specialist diet requirements, let me know and a reviewed menu similar to the suggested menu can be made.
Please note that the cost for a class is £65
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November 2017
Thursday 9th
Wednesday 15th
Thursday 16th
Wednesday 29th
December 2017
Wednesday 6th
Thursday 7th
January 2018
Tuesday 23rd
Thursday 25th
February 2018
Tuesday 13th
Thursday 15th
March 2018
Thursday 1st
Thursday 8th
Tuesday 13th
Thursday 15th
April 2018
Thursday 12th
Wednesday 18th
Wednesday 25th
Thursday 26th
May 2018
Thursday 10th
Thursday 17th
Wednesday 23rd
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Wednesday 6th
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Thursday 14th
Wednesday 20th
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Wednesday 4th
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Wednesday 5th
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