hen on a plate

If you know anyone who is getting married then why not organise a special Hen night Cookery Class. Alongside the flowing champagne we will all have fun putting together the sort of culinary creations that will keep any man happy.

For a Hen night that is out of the ordinary, call Denise to plan a unique, personalised evening to remember. You choose the time, I will provide the place, the food, the equipment and the culinary magic. A proven success. I have even done something similar for the men – yes a Stag night that involves more cutting and chopping than drinking and falling over.

Customer Comments:

"I had a really lovely and fun hen night with Denise Phillips. She made it into a really nice evening and I think that it is a lovely idea. It meant that we were doing something fun and I was able to see and spend time with all my friends. It was a very relaxing experience and I would definitely recommend it for a hen night. We had a lot of fun cooking and then enjoyed a lovely meal."

by Karen Silver, Nov 08

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