steam cooking

Steam ovens work by continuously boiling water which produces steam that is blasted into the oven area and envelops all the food, cooking it rapidly in a healthy and flavour retaining manner. I have got a terrific Miele steam combi oven (from  Neil Lerner Kitchens) and I love it. It is a totally new cooking experience and I have been able to produce great tasting food in a fraction of the time. I just have to tell the oven what it is that I am cooking and it has built in control functions that automatically steams the food and if necessary uses its conventional grill to complete the cooking and add the browning.

Advantages of steam cooking:

  • Food has more natural flavour.

  • You cook without oil, and with less salt – so it is healthier.

  • Food retains more minerals and vitamins

  • Food also retains its colour – carrots are orange, broccoli, bright green, not faded.

  • Soft foods, such as rhubarb or lentils, retains their shape during cooking.

  • No cross contamination of flavours during cooking.

  • Reheated food tastes better and does not dry out compared with microwave cooking.

  • No hot and cold spots when reheating unlike microwaves

  • Some ovens have multi functions eg fan plus steam, grill plus steam to provide a quick cook with a crisp finish.

If you want to get the most out of your steam oven, then check out the 'learn' section for the next available group class, or alternatively, I run 'steam train', personal one-to-one classes on your own steam oven in your own home. I am fully trained by the main manufacturers - Siemens, AEG, Gaggenau, Miele and Neff. Contact me for dtails 

 Rolled Sole with Wild Garlic Pesto - in a steam oven



  • Thank you so much for the "Steam train" lesson, your help was invaluable. I now know how and what to cook using the steam oven, I have prepared my shopping list and am really excited to be eating delicious, healthy, moist food. PS Siemens

  • Thank you so much for your time. Fish dishes loved by all. I can now use the steam oven with confidence. RF Gaggenau

  • Thank you, you gave me a demonstration and lesson on the steam oven on Tuesday afternoon. It was absolutely fantastic, so helpful and exceptionally thorough. I now know what I can cook and how to cook it. I am super excited to use my steam oven !!! TP Siemens

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